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Record Groups :: Finance%20and%20Business%20Affairs :: Roudebush,%20Wallace%20P. :: Office%20Files,%20X,%201929-37,%20Box%203

Wallace Roudebush Materials, 1911-56, and undated, Box 137 4A-G-3B

Office Files, X, 1929-37


Roudebush, W.P.-General 1931
W.P. Roudebush-applications for work 1931
Roudebush, W.P.-Legislature 1931, Legislative folder
W.P. Roudebush, alcohol-1931 A-B
Roudebush, W.P.-calendar-activities, 1931
Fosdick & Hilmer
Freight and Express bills
[No label]
Garber and Woodward
[No label]
Duplicate Checks
[No label]
Encumbrance Estimates
Enrollment Figures
Equipment Replacements
Extension Work
Extra-mural teachers and students
[No label]
Roudebush, W.P.-Purchasing 1931
Roudebush, W.P.-Smith-Hughes Account 1930-31
Retirement System
Roudebush, W.P.-Personal
[No label]
Summer School Registration
[No label]
Time Sheets-Cement Data
[No label]
University Apartments
[No label]
Village of Oxford
Vocational Board
[No label]
Wallin Monograph Orders
Water Consumption
[No label]
1931 Methodist Church, W.P. Roudebush
Roudebush, W.P. land rents-1931
Roudebush, W.P.-Legislative Budget 1931-37
Roudebush, W.P.-1930
Roudebush, W.P.-Coal orders 1930-31, coal
Roudebush, W.P.-Board exemptions 1931
Roudebush, W.P.-Association of College Treasurers 1931
Roudebush, W.P.-Church conference-Methodist 1931
Roudebush, W.P.-1930-31, College and University Business Officers
Roudebush, W.P.-Fraternity Financing 1929-31, Student Organizations
Roudebush, W.P.-1931
Roudebush, W.P.-Ohio Chambers Balanced Budget for State of Ohio Plan, 1931-32
Roudebush, W.P.-1932
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