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Record Groups :: Finance%20and%20Business%20Affairs :: Roudebush,%20Wallace%20P. :: Office%20Files,%20VIII-X/C/9,%201931-32,%20Box%201

Wallace Roudebush Materials, 1911-56, and undated, Box 140 5A-G-3A

Office Files, VIII-X/C/9, 1931-32


Advice of Change in Personnel (Salaries) 1931-33
[No label]
Roudebush, W.P., Commencement 1931
[No label]
VIII Rooming and Boarding
VIII Budgets and Budget Data
VIII Miscellaneous Statements and Reports
VIII Scripps Foundation
VIII Smith-Hughes
VIII Student Organizations
[No label]
[No label]
IX Architect-T. Ralph Ridley
IX Attorney General-Gilbert Bettman
IX Auditor-Joseph T. Tracy
IX Budget, Division of
IX Budget, Superintendent of Melvin T. Brenneman
IX Civil Service Commission
IX Controlling Board
IX Education, Department of
IX Emergency Board
IX Finance, Director of Howard Bevis
IX Highways, Department of
IX Industrial Relations
IX Public Welfare, Department of
IX Public Works, Director of
IX Tax Commission
Administration Council Matters
X Alcohol
X Applications for Work
X Association of College Treasurers
[No label]
X Board Exemptions
X Boilers
[No label]
X Calendar
Cellarius, Charles F.
X Check, Returned Letters
Chemistry Building Equipment
X Church, W.P. Roudebush
[No label]
X Coal
X College and University
X Commencement
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