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Record Groups :: Finance%20and%20Business%20Affairs :: Roudebush,%20Wallace%20P. :: Office%20Files%20/%20Buildings,%201923-26,%20Box%201

Wallace Roudebush Materials, 1911-56, and undated, Box 62 4A-A-3C

Office Files / Buildings, 1923-26


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Ogden Bids-1923 (Boys Dormitory)
McGuffey-North specifications, center pavilion
Roudebush, W.P.-Moving Herron Hall 1923-24
Roudebush, 1923 Building date on hospital
Roudebush, W.P. 1922-24 Carnegie Alumni Library additions
Roudebush 1924
Roudebush, W.P. 1924-Correspondence with Charles H. Fisk
Roudebush, W.P.-1924 2/13/24 Improvement and addition to U. plant
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26 Bureau of Vocational Education Dept. of Civilian Rehabilitation
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26-State Board of Control
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26-General File
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26-Miss Jaques
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26 Storeroom-Bunnel & Dewey
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26 Correspondence with Rider & Athletic Committee
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26
Roudebush, W.P. Correspondence with President Hughes
Roudebush, W.P. Bureau of Special Education
Roudebush, W.P. Board of Trustees
Roudebush, W.P. Correspondence with Fraternities & Sororities
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26-Oxford Village Correspondence
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26 Dept. of Public Welfare, Correspondence
Roudebush, W.P. 1926 Janitors Nightwatchman orders
Roudebush, W.P. 1926 Janitor & Nightwatchman order
Roudebush, W.P. General Correspondence 1925-26
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26 Ohio Civil Service Commission
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26 Monthly Report to Director of Finance, State of Ohio
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26 Mrs. Cora C. Colburn, Director of Institutional Economics, University of Chicago, Investigation & Report on operation
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26, Dormitory Managers
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26, Centennial Building Fund
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26, Mary Schlenck, etc.
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26, A.K. Minnis
Roudebush, W.P. 1925-26, Comptroller Dept. English/Forbes/Rosser/Byrd
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