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Record Groups :: Finance%20and%20Business%20Affairs :: Roudebush,%20Wallace%20P. :: Office%20Files,%201924-25,%20Box%202

Wallace Roudebush Materials, 1911-56, and undated, Box 85 4A F 1C

Office Files, 1924-25


[No label]
Cement Data & Grading 1924-25
Miscellaneous Building etc. Consulting Architects
Copies of Contracts-Various Companies
Fosdick and Hilmer, power plant
[No label]
Herbert B. Briggs, power plant
[No label]
Horace A. Irvin-general
Hospital-H.A. Irvin
Industrial Arts Building-general
Landscape & Shrubbery planting
Library Addition General
Library Addition, Herbert B. Briggs, State Architect
Library Addition, Carnegie Corporation
Library Addition (Packard), Snyder-Babbit & Mathews
Library Equipment
Lighting Fixtures
Ogden Hall Equipment
Ogden Hall Lunch Room
Ogden Hall-budget
Ogden Hall-General Correspondence
Ogden Hall, Herbert B. Briggs, State Architect
Ogden Hall, Carson-Payson Co.
Ogden Hall, Louis G. Dittoe
Ogden Hall, Charles H. Fisk
Ogden Hall, Fosdick & Hilmer
Ogden Hall, H.A. Irvin
Ogden Hall, P.H. Meyer Co.
Woods Construction and Supply Co.
New Recitation Building-general
New Recitation Building-Herbert B. Briggs, State Architect
New Recitation Building-Robert S. Harsh, Architect
New Recitation Building-H.A. Irvin
New Recitation Building-Withrow
Recitation Building Equipment
Observatory Building
Astronomical Observatory, Herbert B. Briggs
Observatory Building-Withrow
Astronomical Observatory-H.A. Irvin
Refrigeratoring Machinery
Sewage Disposal Plans
Tennis Court, Labor Grading, etc.
Wells Hall-General
Wells Hall-Herbert B. Briggs
Wells Hall Equipment
Wells Hall-Snyder, Babbit & Mathews
Wells Estate
Accounting Forms
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