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Record Groups :: Finance%20and%20Business%20Affairs :: Roudebush,%20Wallace%20P. :: Office%20Files,%201923-24,%20Box%201

Wallace Roudebush Materials, 1911-56, and undated, Box 77 5A-E-2B

Office Files, 1923-24

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Miscellaneous Athletics
N Athletics
O Athletics
P Athletics
R Athletics
S Athletics
T Athletics
V Athletics
Ewing, H.W.
F Athletics
G Athletics
(Ohio) Grid-Graph Company
H Athletics
I Athletics
W Athletics
Y Athletics
Athletic Budget Data 1923
A Athletics
B Athletics
Bliss, J.G.
Cincinnati-Miami Thanksgiving Day Game
C Athletics
D Athletics
Denison-Miami game
Reference to Committees of Board of Trustees
Bureau of Special Education orders for Monographs
Class Book Records for Teachers 1923-24
Co-Operative stores
Commencement 1923
Everhart, W.M.-University Business
J Athletics
K Athletics
L Athletics
Brunnell C.E.
Coach Folder correspondence with Pres. R.M. Hughes
Coach A
Coach B
Coach C
Coach D
Coach G
Coach H
Coach I
Coach K
Coach L
Coach M
Coach O
Coach P
George L. Rider and Roudebush
Coach S
Coach T
Coach W
Authorization for Transfers for Board
Board of Trustees-general
Board of Trustees for Approval
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